Rossi’s Scenic Flight Tours

Fly over Beautiful Flathead Lake, Mission Mountains, & Bob Marshall Wilderness

Commercial Pilot – FAA Approved – Cessna 182

Call to Schedule your Flight


$135 per hour per person
max 3 people
$185 single person per hour

Please leave a review of your flight in the comments below!


  1. Mike was a really awesome tour guide from the air. I was nervous at first, but he is a wonderful pilot and fun person to talk to. It was a great activity to do with my guests while they were in town! Thanks a lot.

  2. Wow, what a tour! Mike is the best! Excellent pilot, very experienced and knowledgeable. Excellent with adults and children. The scenery is majestic to top it off! My son and I look forward to flying with Mike again someday, hopefully.

  3. Mike was great and the flight was really a fun addition to our Flathead Lake trip. Seeing the lake, the peaks of Glacier National Park and all the surrounding countryside was really for Gina and I.

    As a pilot, Mike’s performance was top notch. As a host, a very warm welcome and great conversation throughout and after the flight.

    Book it, do it, enjoy it! 👍🏻👍🏻

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